Stefán Gudjohnsen (b. 1966 - )

Stefán is a Washington, D.C.-based artist and entrepreneur, born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland. His oil paintings are inspired by the unique Icelandic landscape and are influenced by the old Icelandic master artists Jóhannes Kjarval and Ásgrímur Jónsson. Stefán´s expressionistic style developed through a concerted effort to render the characteristic volcanic lava rock, moss vegetation, glaciers, and mountains that dominate the Icelandic environment.

His art can be described as an exhibition that aims to examine nature in a different light and from a different angle from what is generally accepted.

Stefán works as the creative director of his Internet company, GlobeScope. His clients include embassies from every continent.

List of exhibitions 

2016 Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC USA

2017 Embassy of Iceland, Washington DC USA. ‘Icelandic art 4 generations”.